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Our Musical Goal: Your Successful Event

Live music lends elegance and excitement to any event. Everyone loves sweet, live melodies, selected to be pitch-perfect for the occasion.

While attendees enjoy great singing and playing, event planners must consider the practical aspects of engaging musicians, such as:

  • Is it affordable?
  • Can we control the volume?
  • Will the musicians fit the tiny space available?
  • What about the musicians', well ... deportment?

Our own experience addressing these questions led us to custom-craft our musical offer to satisfy the needs of both event planners and attendees.

We're the Lemondrops, and we play terrific jazz and pop background music and danceable tunes, all in a way designed to help make your event exciting, yet smoothly run — and most important, successful.


First of all, we're affordable. In fact, for about the price of renting a professional sound system from an outside vendor, you can enjoy Lemondrops music and use our system for your own announcements, speeches, and more.

Second, you can easily control our volume with a single knob. We've eliminated all sources of harsh transient sounds (such as bulky guitar amplifiers and drums), so partygoers enjoy smooth, sweet, live music, at either background listening or dance levels.

Finally, we have a compact footprint, meaning we fit in surprisingly tight places. And we dress and carry ourselves in keeping with the theme of your event — just like your other guests.

Sound good? Well, click to listen to the tunes — they sound even better:

Interested? Please call for a no-obligation chat about your upcoming event.

Appreciatively yours,

Deb and Tim
The Lemondrops