Yet another list of ‘extremely useful’ jQuery plugins

Advanced radio button grouping with jQuery

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First, the scenario

The problem

The solution

The code

		// fire our code when a radio button has been selected
			var name = $(this).attr("name"); // get the current button's group name
			$("input[name="+name+"]").removeAttr("selected"); // first we deselect "all" radio buttons within the same group
			$(this).attr("selected","selected"); // make sure our currently "changed" button is selected
			for(i=1;i<=4;i++){ // go through the 4 radio classes
			Loops through each item with same "class" name and disables/enables where appropriate
		function processRadio(class){
			var empty;
			var id = "";
			var buttons = $(class); // read all buttons with the specified class name into a jQuery object
			buttons.each(function(){ // loop through each item
				var me = $(this);
				var isSelected = me.attr("selected"); // bool value, based on whether the "selected" attribute is present or not
				me.removeAttr("disabled"); // clear the disabled attribute if present
				me.siblings("label").removeClass("disabled"); // same with the associated label element
				if (isSelected != empty && isSelected != ""){
					id = $(this).attr("id"); // set our tmp id var to our currently selected item
			// make sure we have an id, otherwise we'll get an error
			if (id != empty && id != ""){
				buttons.each(function(){ // loop through each radio button once again
					if ($(this).attr("id") != id){ // set the disabled attributes if id attribute doesn't match our tmp id var
						$(this).attr("disabled", "disabled").siblings("label").addClass("disabled");


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Howto: Create custom thumbnails from Flutter image fields

September 24, 2009 app promo code

The auto thumbnail function

You can insert this function straight into your functions.php, a usage example will follow below.

function jt_get_thumb($fieldName, $groupIndex=1, $fieldIndex=1, $readyForEIP=true, $params, $returnimg=true){
        // use flutter's default function to get our field value (non thumbnailed image).
	$file = get($fieldName, $groupIndex, $fieldIndex, $readyForEIP);
        // if the field's empty, we can't continue, return an empty string
        if (empty($file)){
            return "";
        // we want the base filename
	$file = str_replace(FLUTTER_FILES_URI, "", $file);
        // get the current image dimensions
	$jtSize = getimagesize(FLUTTER_FILES_PATH.$file);
        // break our params up into a useable array.
        $params = explode("&",$params);
	$i = 0;
	foreach($params as $p){
		$tmp = explode("=", $p);
		$jtParams[$tmp[0]] = $tmp[1]; 
       // no point in continuing if the width or height params aren't set, or the original image's dimensions are smaller than the supplied params
	if ((!isset($jtParams["w"]) || !isset($jtParams["h"])) || ($jtSize[0] <= $jtParams["w"] && $jtSize[1] <= $jtParams["h"])){
		return ($returnimg) ? "<img src='". FLUTTER_FILES_URI.$file ."' />" : FLUTTER_FILES_URI.$file;
	//generate thumb using flutter's default method (phpThumb class)	
	include_once(FLUTTER_PATH . "/thirdparty/phpthumb/phpthumb.class.php");
	$phpThumb = new phpThumb();
	$md5_params = md5($file . $params);
	$create_md5_filename = 'jt_th_'.$md5_params."_".$file;
	$output_filename = FLUTTER_FILES_PATH.$create_md5_filename;
	$final_filename = FLUTTER_FILES_URI.$create_md5_filename;

// experimental, uncomment to test : check if the thumbnail has already been created and use that instead	
//	if (file_exists($output_filename)){
//		$attr_params = "style='width:".$jtParams['w']."px;  height:".$jtParams['h']."px;'";
//		return ($returnimg) ? "<img src='$final_filename' $attr_params />" : $final_filename;
//	}
	foreach($jtParams as $key => $val){
		$phpThumb->setParameter($key, $val);
	if ($phpThumb->GenerateThumbnail()) {
		if ($phpThumb->RenderToFile($output_filename)) {
			$file = $final_filename;
		$attr_params = "";
	} else {
                // if the thumbnail generator fails for some reason, rather return the original image with a forced style attribute
		$file = FLUTTER_FILES_URI.$file;
		$attr_params = "style='width:".$jtParams['w']."px;  height:".$jtParams['h']."px;'";
	return ($returnimg) ? "<img src='$file' $attr_params />" : $file;


  • $params (string): a standard query string containing the various parameters for the thumbnail generator. Example – “w=400&h=200&zc=1″. The available parameters conform to flutter’s default image thumbnail parameters, see flutter’s documentation for a full reference.
  • $returnimg (bool, default true): set to true to return a formatted img tag, whereas false will return just the full URI based path to the image.

Example Useage

// will output full img tag
echo jt_get_thumb("news_img", 1, 1, false, "w=250&h=250&zc=1");

// build the image string up manually
echo "<img src='" . jt_get_thumb("news_img",1,1,false,"w=250&h=250&zc=1",false) . "' class='newsImgClass' />";

Simplifying Flutter duplicate groups and fields

September 21, 2009 the sleeping beauty 2011 free

function jt_get_flutter_duplicates($field, $group){
	if (is_string($group)){
		$numfiles = getGroupDuplicates($group);
		$isgroup = true;
	} else {
    	$numfiles = getFieldDuplicates($field, $group);
    	$isgroup = false;
    $return = false;
    if ($numfiles > 0){
        $return = array();
        $count = 1;
        $tmp = "";
        $first = "";
        $total = ($numfiles > 1) ? 100 : 1;
        while($count <= $total){
        	if ($isgroup){
        		$value = get($field, $count, 1);
        	} else {
            	$value = get($field, $group, $count);
            if (empty($value) || $value == $first || $tmp == $value){
            } elseif ($count == 1){
                $first = $value;

            $tmp = $value;
            $return[] = ($isgroup) ? $count : $value;
    return (is_array($return) && count($return) > 0) ? $return : false;

Group duplicates

$groupItems = jt_get_flutter_duplicates("news_image", "news_image");
if (is_array($groupItems) && count($groupItems) > 0){
    foreach($groupItems as $i) {        
	echo get_image("news_image",$i, 1, 1);
        echo "<br />" . get("news_image_caption",$i, 1, false);

Field Duplicates

$groupItems = jt_get_flutter_duplicates("office_title", "office_title");
if (is_array($groupItems) && count($groupItems) > 0){
    foreach($groupItems as $i) {  
        echo get("office_title",$i,1,false);
        $contacts = jt_get_flutter_duplicates("office_contact", $i);
        if (is_array($contacts) && count($contacts) > 0) {           
           foreach($contacts as $contact){               
               echo "<br />Contact Person: " . $contact;

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    Circular Image Slide with jQuery

    First, the HTML:

    <div id="slider">
    <div id="imageloader">
    			<img src="images/ajax-loader.gif" /></div>
    <img src="images/sample1.jpg" />
    		<img src="images/sample2.jpg" />
    		<img src="images/sample3.jpg" />
    		<img src="images/sample4.jpg" />
    		<img src="images/sample5.jpg" /></div>

    That brings us to the CSS:

    #slider {position: relative; overflow: hidden; height:155px;}
    #slider img {position:absolute;	margin:0; display:none;}
    #imageloader {position:relative; display:block; width: 100%; margin: 0px auto; text-align: center;}
    #imageloader img { position:relative; top:70px; z-index:100; width:128px; height:15px; display:inline;}

    Now for the Javascript/jQuery:

    	var speed = 50;
    	var pic, numImgs, arrLeft, i, totalWidth, n, myInterval; 
    	pic = $("#slider").children("img");
    	numImgs = pic.length;
    	arrLeft = new Array(numImgs);
    	for (i=0;i<numImgs;i++){
    			totalWidth += $(pic[n]).width();
    		arrLeft[i] = totalWidth;
    	myInterval = setInterval("flexiScroll()",speed);
    function flexiScroll(){
    	for (i=0;i<numImgs;i++){
    		arrLeft[i] -= 1;		
    		if (arrLeft[i] == -($(pic[i]).width())){
    			totalWidth = 0;
    			for (n=0;n<numImgs;n++){
    				if (n!=i){
    					totalWidth += $(pic[n]).width();
    			arrLeft[i] =  totalWidth;

    In a nutshell what’s happening is this :

    1. We use $(window).load() instead of the standard $(function(){}) or $(document).ready() methods due to a timing glitch in Safari. Safari reports the DOM as finished loading even while images are still downloading – not ideal if we want our pre-loader to work correctly.
    2. When the DOM has finished loading, and the images have finished downloading we execute our code.
    3. First we read all our images into an array of jQuery objects. We make sure the pre-loader isn’t included in this array by using $(“#slider”).children(“img”) instead of $(“#slider img”).
    4. Next we loop through each image in our array and calculate a totalWidth. We need this value so that we know where to append each image when needed. Within this loop, we also set the correct absolute position for each image so that they all line up next to each other. Otherwise they’d all just sit on top of each other.
    5. Once our loop is complete and we have all the initial positions setup, we create a standard javascript interval. Using this interval we can call a function every x milliseconds. We use the “speed” variable to make this configurable.
    6. Now that everything’s set up, we hide our pre-loader, unhide our images and wait for the interval to fire.

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    And that’s all there is to it.

    6 jQuery snippets you can use to manipulate select inputs

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    1. Getting the value of a selected option.


    2. Getting the text of a selected option.

    $('#selectList :selected').text();

    3. Getting the text/value of multiple selected options.

    var foo = [];
    $('#multiple :selected').each(function(i, selected){
    foo[i] = $(selected).text();
    // to get the selected values, just use .val() - this returns a string or array
    foo = $('#multiple :selected').val();

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  • 4. Using selected options in conditional statements

    switch ($('#selectList :selected').text()) {
    case 'First Option':
    //do something
    case 'Something Else':
    // do something else

    5. Removing an option.

    $("#selectList option[value='2']").remove();

    6. Moving options from list A to list B.

    $().ready(function() {
    $('#add').click(function() {
    return !$('#select1 option:selected').appendTo('#select2');
    $('#remove').click(function() {
    return !$('#select2 option:selected').appendTo('#select1');



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